Surrender Information

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To speak with a Ten Lives Club member about surrendering a cat, please call (716) 646-5577 ext. 102.

Surrender calls are taken Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays and appointments could be scheduled up to 10 days out depending on space available within our program.

*Please, do not show-up without an appointment as you may risk being turned away if there is no space available to place the cat in our care.  




  1. We accept friendly cats/kittens from infancy up to 8 years of age into our program. 

  2. We do not accept wild, feral or unapproachable cats. For cats of this nature, please contact Feral Cat Focus at #1-888-902-9717.

  3. You will be requested to make a donation between $85-150 depending on the circumstances of the cat and medical care needed prior to being deemed adoption ready.

  4. All surrenders are accepted by scheduled appointment to ensure space within our program. To schedule an appointment, please call (716) 646-5577 ext. 102 (Surrender Extension).

Surrender Fees

Requested FEES:

  • The requested fee for a stray cat is $85

  • The requested fee for a personal cat is $150



Our shelter and adoption program is sustained entirely by donations. We are completely dependent on the community to support our rescue efforts; therefore, additional donations are always greatly appreciated. Volunteering for Ten Lives Club may be considered in lieu of a donation. These arrangements should be discussed when setting up your surrender appointment.

A receipt of your tax-deductible donation can be provided to you at the time of surrender by request.

Reasons for Surrender

Behavioral / Medical:

If you are dealing with a behavioral or medical condition (aggression, house soiling, metabolic disease, etc.), please consider that these conditions are not going to resolve themselves and may in fact worsen in a shelter environment and new home.

These types of issues should be discussed with your primary Veterinarian who can provide information on care and treatment and ultimately guide you on how to resolve the issue. Cats with such issues are not necessarily cats we can accept into our program.


If you are surrendering a personal pet due to changes in the home, moving, etc., we ask that you make efforts to re-home the cat yourself before surrendering to our program. Please consider placing a paid ad in local newspapers to make efforts towards finding a home for your cat on your own.

We do ask that you provide any medical records you have to inform our Vet Staff of your cat’s medical history and what updates may be necessary, such as vaccine boosters, flea treatments, microchip, etc.

Stray/Homeless cats:

If you have found a friendly, approachable cat you believe to be homeless, we may be able to help you with the intake of the cat, space permitting. The stray cat must be able to be picked up and held by you before we can deem it a good fit for our program. We are unable to take in any feral, unfriendly cats. Unsocialized kittens will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please bear in mind, that we will still request a donation to help with the costs incurred of taking on this stray cat. All cats in Ten Lives Club’s program will be spayed/neutered, combo tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia, Rabies vaccinated, Distemper vaccinated, microchipped, given preventative treatments for fleas, ear mites, and parasitic worms, and will receive a physical exam by our veterinarian.

Try to Rehome Your Pet on Your Own and Petco have a service that helps you easily put your personal pet up for adoption to find it a nice new home. Click the image below to start the process.

How it works

Things to Remember

Important Things to Note:

  • Surrendering a cat that is not spayed/neutered and is not current on its vaccines costs at least $296.00 incurred by Ten Lives Club.

  • Surrendering a cat that is spayed/neutered but is not current on its vaccines, the minimum cost of care incurred by Ten Lives Club is $166.00

  • If you are surrendering a pregnant female, you are not surrendering one single cat for care. TLC will become personally/financially responsible for the litter of kittens so a larger donation for these situations will be requested.

  • We can only accept litters of kittens provided that the mother is trapped and spayed if necessary. We cannot commit to the continuous intake of kittens from the same female cat with no attempts to spay her. Ten Lives Club provides low cost spay and neutering services to the public during scheduled clinics. More information on our clinics may be found here

  • If you are requesting to surrender a senior cat (age 6+ years), you will be requested to provide recent blood panel results and medical exam notes from your personal veterinarian.

  • If any cat is showing signs of illness or injury, that cat may still be considered eligible for our program; however, an additional donation may be requested to cover the added cost of care that will be provided to the cat.