Foster Care Guardian

position location

3741 Lake Shore Road, Blasdell, NY 14219 (Vet Appointments)

Role description

Foster Care Guardians are always needed as we take in cats and kittens that sometimes require some extra care or some time to grow before they are deemed adoption ready. Time requirements of being a foster guardian could range anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending on the animal’s specific needs. Foster Care Guardians are required to have reliable transportation in order to bring them in for regular check ups and medical care. Foster Care Guardians will be working with our on-site vet staff to adhere to vaccination schedules, weigh-ins, and any other necessary procedures or treatment to prepare them for adoption.

Ten Lives Club will provide all the necessary food, litter and medications necessary to care for any fosters. Medical Staff will provide each Foster Care Guardian with resources and training materials to help ensure your Foster Care experience is fun and rewarding.

Role Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years in age

  • Must have reliable transportation & means of communication

  • Must be able to bend and lift up to 30 pounds

  • Experience caring for/handling cats is preferred but not required

  • Compassion towards animals

  • Must be able to work along side medical staff, other volunteers, staff, and guests at our shelter

  • Commitment to a pre-determined treatment plan as discussed with Medical Staff