Low Cost Feline
Spay & Neuter Clinics

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Don't be a Litter Bug!

Ten Lives Club is now offering Low Cost Spay and Neuter services to the public at our Main Shelter Location in Blasdell! 

Clinics are held on Sundays and spots are available by appointment only. We do not accept walk-ins.

For more information and pricing, please call (716) 388-5145 today!


  • Pet must be healthy on the day of the procedure.
  • It is required that the pet has proof of an up-to-date Rabies vaccination. 
    • If no proof of a Rabies is presented or the vaccination has expired, Ten Lives Club will vaccinate your pet for an additional fee. This vaccination is mandatory.
  • All cats must arrive in a secured cat carrier. 
  • Payment is due on the day services are rendered. Cash payments are preferred. 
  • Familiarize yourself with our Anesthesia Release and Surgical Consent Form to understand the risks of the procedure. You will fill this out on the morning of your scheduled procedure. 


Spay Procedure - $80
Neuter Procedure - $70
Rabies Vaccine - $15
Distemper Vaccine - $15
Nail Trim - $5
Flea Treatment - $15
De-worming Treatment - $15
Combo Testing - $25
Rescue Group Package - $65

Questions about your pet's discharge instructions? Click the button to read up on important information on after care and symptoms to monitor. 


Interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact us using the form below!

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