Billy & Freckles

Billy and Freckles settling in

Billy and Freckles settling in

A big congratulations to the Walczak family for adopting Billy and Freckles from our Pet Supplies Plus Union Rd location! They reported they are absolutely thrilled with their two family members and the cats themselves couldn't be happier. 

Billy is an adorable kitten who is full of playful energy but also appreciates his power naps and snuggle times. He immediately bonded with the Walczaks and adjusted to the household without skipping a beat. He is having a blast exploring his new home with his adopted sister, Freckles.

Freckles took at least a day or two being more reserved and getting used to her new environment. Freckles is a distinguished senior at about 10 years of age but has since adjusted to the household quite well! Freckles has truly grown into a lap cat and enjoys spending her days relaxing and enjoying lots of love. 

The Walczaks were so thankful to Adoption Coordinator, Doreen, at our Pet Supplies Plus location in Cheektowaga who took the time to help them get to know the cats and help find their perfect fit. Congrats Billy and Freckles! 

Marie Edwards