Updated 2/26/18
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Tortle & Hocus

As promised, I am sending you a report on the cats. They are already spoiled and are the best of buddies with each other. Tortle seems to have formed a bond with me as she sits with me all the time. Hocus is taking a little longer but is getting better at being touched and petted by me. I have included some pictures so you can see how big they are getting. 

Thanks for my two little companions

Freckles & Billy
   Thank you so much to Doreen and Pet Supplies Plus!! We are so happy with our 2 new family members! Billy is an adorable kitten; full of playful energy, power naps, and lots of snuggles. He immediately took to us and adjusted without skipping a beat. He is having fun while exploring his new home with sweet Freckles. After about a day or two of being shy, 10+ year old Freckles has adjusted very well too. This poised little sweetheart is a true lap kitty. They are both relaxed, adjusting well, and enjoying lots of love while they settle into their new home.
   Doreen was so patient and made a world of difference while we spent time to get to know the cats at the Cheektowaga location!! Doreen is an excellent adoption representative. It is obvious that she is dedicated and cares about the cats very much, plus she made the adoption process go so smoothly. Also, I’ll happily shop the Pet Supplies Plus Cheektowaga location as it is very clean and adoption friendly.
Formerly Lamborghini
 Tate has literally become my best friend. Before getting him I had another cat; R2D2. Like R2D2, Tate follows me around the house wherever I go; the bathroom and all. I get up and walk into another room, and Tate runs along right behind me. When I take naps or go to bed, Tate cuddles up and rests his head on my shoulder or arm. Marianne was right, he’s a cuddle bug, and the kid loves his pattès, too. It's an often occurrence for my boyfriend and I to be snuggled up on the couch with both boys cuddling with us. When I’m not home he lays on the bench by my front door for me to come home, then greets me at the door. He loves doing laps around the house with his brother from 1 -3am! In the morning, Tate is my personal alarm clock. He rubs his head on mine and then runs down one side of me and up the other until I wake up. I’ve come to not be able to sleep without Tate cuddled up next to me purring. He has been the sweetest baby and a gift to have received in my life. He has brought nothing but joy and happiness to my family. He is loyal, immensely obedient, and honestly the most gentle hearted, perfect cat. I feel lucky to have stumbled into Petsmart when I did, when I had no intentions of adopting another cat. Tate stole my heart as soon as I saw him and I knew I had to adopt him. I had initially talked myself out of it and went to my car, sat there, teared up, and went back in the store to begin the application. Tate is not just a cat to me, he’s like my child. We have such a close bond and he is such a great cat, I have no idea how he wasn’t adopted sooner!
Thank you so much Ten Lives for bringing such a joy into my life! 
Love and continual gratitude,
Patrick adopted Marcy and he loves her! She follows him around the house and sleeps on his bed. He had lost his cat and had been looking. Thanks to Brenda who recommended Pat (her next door neighbor) to come in and check out Marcy. Another great adoption!
 We can’t thank you enough.
He is a wonderful addition to our little family!
(formerly Captain Jack)
 I just wanted to update the staff at the Ten Lives Club on Captain Jack (now Polar). Polar has settled in very well and loves to play with my other kitty; Summer. He enjoys naps all over the house, as well as eating fresh chicken and fish....He is quite the spoiled boy now! 
As you can see this precious girl is very comfy! She's turned into quite the character. She absolutely loves people now! She's a very spunky girl. And as you can see she's a complete bed hog too. My family is so very thankful to have gotten her. And we're very thankful TLC was able to help her.
(formerly Stormy)
 Here is a picture of Billy (AKA Stormy). He has been with us about 2 months now
and he is the sweetest boy and he is Home! He took to the other cats in the
house so well and they took to him too. It was like he has been here forever the
day he came home. We Love him so much and Santa brought him lots of toys for Christmas !
Hello I just wanted to give you guys and update on Miso (known as Jamie at your shelter; June's son!)
He and my other cat Theodosia get a long great! They have really brought out the best in each other and Theodosia loves having a little brother to look after. She follows him everywhere, and having him around has calmed her down significantly. Who knew she was secretly a social cat? I caught them multiple times cuddling in this cold weather. While they are not a fan of pictures, they definitely are a fan of each other! He is doing great. Although his eye condition will be a life-long issue for him, it has improved. He might not be as athletic as his sister, but he makes up for it by being the biggest lover and bread-maker of all time. If you are wondering about the name change, it was because he was so cuddly and warm. We kept calling him a "hot bowl of soup", thus we call him Miso now for short!
Thank you for helping me choose the 'purfect' cat for our family,
 This is Scooter! We adopted him from Ten Lives Club and he
has been a wonderful addition to our family! We are fosters
(mostly to special needs dogs) for Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue
and we decided that we wanted to adopt a special needs cat
He has a neurological disorder that makes him unable to really
use his back legs, but that's what makes him so special!
He absolutely adores our 2-year-old daughter
and is always playing with our two rescue dogs!